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My parents want me to become a lawyer. A lawyer is a rewarding profession but I don’t want to work in a court setting talking with some laws of the state. I want something new in my life. I don’t want to be a doctor or a dentist. I want a unique profession. I want to join a filmmaking industry under the mentorship of the famous Jimi Petulla. I really want to explore the filmmaking industry and discover its uniqueness from another profession. However, my mother who is a dentist does not allow me to join this kind of industry. She said that I will not have a better future from them. She really insists that I need to be a lawyer because there is no lawyer in the family. My mother is such a closed-minded person with regards to this topic. And when she’s not in the good mood, I will just ignore her presence but if will not ignore her, we will just start another argument. But one day, she asks me about my chosen profession and she’s willing to listen. Thank Lord, You had answered my prayer! I told her about my plans and we visited this site www.jimipetulla.org. From that moment, we did not argue anymore and she allowed me to enroll in a certain filmmaking school. I am so happy because my mother listened to my own view for the very first time. I need to study hard for my chosen career and for my mother.

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2 September 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment