Why Salt Lamp Has A Very Positive Effect On Our Health

Our family doctor advised my husband to take some time off because his hypertension is getting worst. There’s a chance that he will have a mild stroke if he will not listen to his advice that’s why we (me and his children) decided to have him resign from work. He’s already 60 years old so I think that’s already a good age to resign. I’m half the age of my husband so I don’t experience old age sickness yet. However, I’m worried about the condition of his health. He started having illnesses when he turned 50. Our doctor said that it’s normal because he’s getting old but it would be best if he would stop his old lifestyle (drinking and smoking). That was hard for him but I explained the importance of it. I personally take care of his diet and ensure that he is eating healthy foods. I even bought salt lamps and placed them inside our room because I heard that salt lamp has a very positive effect on our health. Indeed, the salt lamps really made a difference in my husband’s sleeping habit. For some reason, he can’t sleep well before; however, a week after we placed the salt lamps next to our bed, I noticed that my husband was having a peaceful sleep. Right then I was convinced that salt lamp has a very positive effect on our health. If you want to experience the true effect of salt lamps, you can buy one from the Spiritual quest site. Click here to go to the page. 

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17 December 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment