Why Non-Fiction Books of All Different Types, from Natural History Books to Biographies and Self Help Titles, are the Real Winners in the Ebook Revolu

Despite all the press around certain fiction books making their way to the big time via eBook self publishing, there is actually a more subtle revolution going on in the field of non-fiction books. Because self-publishing allows anybody to get their book out there, however obscure the subject matter, there is a massive wealth of non-fiction out there that previously would have been very hard to get published and available to the mass market just because of its niche appeal. Here is how the eBook revolution has affected different sectors of the non-fiction world:

Science andnatural history books

Natural history books and scientific titles can now be marketed specifically to the people most interested in them, and this can really help those in the scientific community and academic world spread their influence to other interested people. Where natural history books were previously only signed where they could tie in to a popular TV show or similar, now anyone can write or find books about nature and science, no matter what the specific subject area.

Business Books

A lot of professionals have ideas they feel other people could benefit from hearing about, from sales tips through to entrepreneurial concepts or economic theories. In the past, you had to be someone pretty powerful for a publisher to think you should be writing a business book, but now, anyone with an idea they believe in can write it and put it out there.

Popular Culture and Biographies

Books relating to things that are topical can now be produced much more quickly, so if a certain celebrity is in the public’s sphere of interest a writer can get an unlicensed biography out very quickly – far more quickly than via the usual route. Books about other pop culture phenomena are also easy for fans to produce and release, as long as they are careful about copyright law. This allows people to create things they can share with other devotees.

Self Help Books

All kinds of self help books, from those of a spiritual nature to ones recommending new diet plans or those that can help and advise people in specific situations, are now easy to get out. This means anyone with a story to tell or lessons they think other people might benefit from can publish them without having to sell their idea’s credibility to anyone but their potential readers.  Again this is much easier than it was in the past.

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16 August 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment