Why Manchester Function Bands Can Be The Best Way Forward If You Are In a North West Indie Band and Looking For a Way to Make Money

Manchester is one of the best known places in the country, if not the world, for top class live music, and because of this, there are a lot of talented bands working the usual pub and club circuit and it can be hard to get enough well paying gigs to even break even. One thing that you can do, if you want a way to make really good money without having to move away from your musical ambitions and take a boring day job, is use your indie or rock band to play events and functions in a different guise as a function band. manchester function bands can bring in a surprising amount of money, with some making hundreds of pounds every weekend from doing weddings and parties, so while it may mean altering your style, it can be completely worth it as it can fund your main band venture!

Isn’t That Selling Out, Though?

Giving people what they want for a fair price isn’t selling out. You can perform under a different name and dress differently so your function band activities don’t come back to make your real band become a joke, and you can make yourselves virtually unrecognisable from when you play the venues you usually play. You will have to adopt a set list that is a crowd pleasing set of covers, but these are typically easy to play and you can essentially make good money from your musical talent which is better than waiting tables or flipping burgers, right?  If you do still want to let people know about your “real” band you could also slip in a few songs that you have written too and see how the crowd responds.

How Do We Get Started?

This article assumes you already have a band behind you, and you can all play well together. It doesn’t matter what your style is when it comes to the gigs you play for your own followers, the talent to play songs will enable you to play songs in different genres, so even if you are a metal, goth or punk band you can still probably pick up a bit of Abba if you need to. Work out a list of songs you think would be popular with party audiences and wedding attendees, and start learning them, maybe tack an extra hour onto your usual practice sessions to work on your Manchester function bands stuff. This will give you time to learn the songs people want!


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4 October 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment