What is an Electronic Music?

Have you heard about the new trend in music?  If you happen to hear it, then, do you like it?  Electronic  music is one of the most favorite kind of music by the young people especially those who are into using musical instruments by which they can fully express what they feel and who they truly are.  Music is said to be the art of expressing ones feelings and attitude.   Music has different styles and it has different ways to capture the attention and the heart of the listeners.  My cousin Andrea is very much inclined with the electronic music to the extent that she really enrolled and studied at the London sound mixing school.  Her purpose in enrolling there is not to actually learn how to create an electronically aided music but to master it since she already got the skills in playing electronic music.  Andrea finished her program at the London school music with flying colors.  Now, Andrea is one of the best female electronic music artists in London.  Would you like to know how she got that far?  Well, the most wonderful thing when you enroll in that school is, during the graduation day, employers from the different recording companies would flock and would long to catch the big fish that would shovel money into their pockets.  And lucky as she is, Andrea was hired outright after she got her diploma.  Now, she is one of the most famous female musical artists using the electronic music as her genre.

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28 May 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment