The summer trip that ended with sadness.

Last summer my family and I went to stay with relatives for a two week vacation, in a really nice part of the state. We spent the time playing games, cooking out and just relaxing. After the week was over, we came home to a serious problem. I opened the front door and I immediately knew something was wrong when I saw my wife’s favorite painting was missing. Further inspecting our home, we realized that we had been robbed. The buglers didn’t take the obvious items, like the TV or the computer. What they stole where expensive art work that my wife and I had collected over the years. These crooks really knew what they were doing and they were professional. We really didn’t know why they targeted us or how they found out about our paintings, but one thing is for sure, we would never see them again. The following days were really sad and in my sadness I decided to do something to protect my family and our property. I got on the phone and called a local audio and video store, which also installed alarm systems. digital ear tustin was able to help me that day. They sent over a security specialist to give me a quote on security system, complete with motion sensors and a few cameras. After the install, I felt much better about leaving my home again. Even if the police told us that the buglers would probably never come back, I am glad that I called digital ear tustin and done something to protect what was ours. homepage

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6 May 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment