The First Eight Chords You Learn During Guitar Lessons in Toronto

If you are thinking about learning to play the guitar, you will need a good teacher, who will begin with the basic chords. During beginning guitar lessons toronto instructors will usually begin with eight important chords, which are:

  • A MAJOR: This lesson can be troublesome because it requires that all three fingers fit on the second fret, and adjacent strings. Teachers will explain how make sure the first string rings clearly. You will learn to keep your ring (third) ginger curled, to get the sound you want.
  • C MAJOR: The “C Chord” may be the first one you learn. It is easy to learn the fingering, which emphasizes keeping the first finger curled and listening for the first string ring to open correctly.
  • D MAJOR: This beginner chord is not too difficult to learn, as long as you make sure you correctly curl your third finger on the second string. This is important so that the first string rings properly. You also need to strum the top four strings, and avoid the open fifth and sixth strings.
  • E MAJOR: “E” is a fairly common chord and fairly easy to learn. You will need to use your first finger to hold down the first fret on the third string. Your finger needs to be curled correctly, so that the open second string rings correctly. You will strum all six strings.
  • G MAJOR: When playing the “G” chord, you will need to focus on curling your fingers correctly, just as you do with all others. “G” requires you to curl the first finger, to ensure that the open fourth string rings properly. You will strum all six strings.
  • A MINOR: This is easy to learn after you have mastered E major. You will simply move the chord shape over one string. You will curl the first finger, to make sure the first string rings correctly. It is important to avoid playing the open sixth string while strumming.
  • D MINOR: A simple chord, D minor won’t give you any trouble as long as you curl your finger on the second string, and strum only the top four strings.
  • E MINOR: This easy chord only takes two fingers, and you strum six strings.

There are eight chords that you need to master when learning guitar, but once you master them, you can play a lot of songs, and graduate to more complex lessons.

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25 February 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment