The Best Recording School in the UK

There are lots of recording school UK. Most of them teach you how to be a recording professional. They teach you all of the basics that you need to prepare you for the real world in the recording industry. This made picking the right one tough for me. Investing in college education, I wanted to have something that would give me the best bang for my money not only while I was schooling but while I’m long done with my studies as well. Again, all the schools implied that they were the best and that they had the awards to prove it that it took me months to evaluate and decide. One of the schools that stood out from the rest also awards and the accreditations from various institutions in the entertainment industry but what made them unique was the method of teaching their students. This school provided hands-on experience while the student learned one-on-one with a dedicated mentor in an actual recording studio. The school makes this possible with the mentor apprentice approach to teaching. I signed up for an apprenticeship and went through the school’s curriculum. From day one, I had a mentor who taught me all that I needed to know about being an Audio Engineer, the hands on experience trained me to become a professional Audio Engineer and the professionals I worked with gave me the connections that I needed. This school is the Recording Connection Audio Institute, the best recording school in the United Kingdom. 

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20 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment