The best add-on a guy can have is a tattoo – so what you waiting for?

Lets face it. If you are reading this you will agree that the best accessory a guy can have is a tattoo. If you want to show strength and your masculinity, along with maybe some type of character trait, there is no better way than getting inked and showing it off to the babes. There are so many options for you to go for as well. If you are starting out with your first tattoo, you might want to go for something smaller to begin with and then progress from there on out. Maybe a wrist tattoo or an armband tattoo etc. Something good about an arm tattoo or upper arm design is that you can slowly add to your design over time and finally end up with a half sleeve or even full sleeve tattoo. Whatever you deicide, go with something you wont regret.

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9 August 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment