Taking up Photography Class

Mike and Ike sure make wonders with the camera. Everything they shoot is just picture perfect. While it’s made lots of our friends wonder how they do it, none of us comes close to the talent these guys have. We could not take the same quality pictures as good as they do. They do it as if they’re bringing the subject to life when they press the shutter button. The effect is vibrant and perfect pictures. Despite that, Mike and Ike strive to develop their talent even more. They were on photography class one time and they were given five pictures each. They had to tell the class what they had to say about the picture. Whether it was something good or some room for improvement the photographer could have made when the picture was shot, they had to tell the class. A picture of Monique Cooper was assigned to them. She is a model and an actress. Mike and Ike didn’t stop at describing her on the picture. They even looked her up and did a quick research about her to be able to tell the class about her. It did not take much detective work for them. They immediately found her website and found more Monique Cooper images there. Lucky, they were even able to find videos featuring the model. That was when they realized that she was not only a model but also a talented actress as well. More Monique Cooper images can be found at www.moniquecooper.tv. 

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4 November 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment