Surprisingly, I Have the Best Melbourne Audio Engineering School

I have a great set of friends. We all have a lot of things in common and one of them is the love for music. All five of us are gifted individuals when it comes to mixing, fixing and creating sounds and we all have the same dream and that is to become audio engineers. Unfortunately, I am the only one who cannot go to a university or a college for a music degree because my family doesn’t have the money and I cannot afford to go through college alone with just one job. I have to find an alternative to a Melbourne audio engineering school. My four friends are already in different music schools of their own choosing while I work for a music shop, selling music I didn’t even make. But all of that changed. One day, while I was working in the shop, one of our faithful clients, Harry, dropped by and we chatted a bit while he was rummaging the new arrivals. I shared to him my dream of becoming an audio engineer and he said, “Then why don’t you become one?” I then told him of my dilemma and he shared one amazing thing: the Melbourne Recording Connection. He said that if I really wanted to be an audio engineer, I should go for this school for they provide the best training ground and the best mentors. I was skeptical at first but when I looked into the different courses and the things that the school can give me, all hesitations flew out the window. Now, I am in a much better school than my friends!

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9 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment