Stephen Lioy is a highly recommended vacation photographer.

Trying to find a vacation photographer with both contextual knowledge of the city you want to visit and who can accurately plan out a budget to give you a decent idea of how much you can expect to spend in town can be quite difficult. After all, it takes a certain facility for communication before such a photographer could even start to ask the right questions, and even longer for them to process what your precise desires are and translate that into a workable photo shoot for your holiday trip. Perhaps the best idea, then, is to plan on looking through quite a few portfolios (whether in print or online) for the artists that most completely seem to understand the needs of this sort of client, and then contacting those photographers to try and formulate some sort of worthwhile plan for your trip. Stephen Lioy is one such photographer that we have had a number of good reports about from clients who worked with him and had overwhelmingly positive things to say. It seems that not only does Stephen undetstand the photographic apects of the situation, but as a  consummate he is also able to provide detailed information about the costs you can expect to deal with while working together. In looking at his portfolio, we also see some incredible afghanistan landscape photography that goes  along way towards showing his versatility as both a traveler and a photographer. Equally at home in the streets of Vienna and Istanbul or the mountains of Afghanistan and Tajikistan, this is a guy that gets around the world! If you are looking to hire a professional vacation photographer for your next big trip, it seems like Stephen’s website is a great place to start your search. Make sure to check the style of his portfolio, of course, but if the artistic vision matches yours then you should be all set!

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2 March 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment