Smart Decision-Making Is Vital To Your Success

It’s hard to tell if your decision is right if you haven’t seen the outcome. That is why, it is very important that you weigh and study your options carefully so you will not regret your decision. I’ve been through the same situation so I can really tell how hard it is to make a decision especially if you are choosing between 2 options that are almost the same. I’m a big fan of music but honestly I don’t have any special talent to write award-winning songs; then again my desire to be part of the music industry is valid enough to pursue my career in music. And since I acknowledge the fact that I am not as gifted as any other aspiring musician, I decided to study audio engineering. Now my biggest challenge is to determine which among the list of schools I should take the course. Actually, I have already narrowed down my options so I’m trying to choose between the recording connection audio institute and some of the traditional audio schools here in the UK. I know that there are advantages if I will choose to go to a traditional school but I think there are more waiting for me at the recording connection. I am quite impressed with the kind of program that they provide to their students. And the positive feedback that the institution is getting from their clients/ students (found at ) is an indication that it is indeed a great audio school.

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25 September 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment