Picking up the Pieces with the Greatest Audio School in Australia

An angel came into my world eighteen years ago. I then had to let go of all my dreams and ambitions to take care of the little baby who has become the center of my world and the apple of everyone’s eyes in the family. Now eighteen, she’s become a lovely young girl who’s firm on her decisions and I’m confident that’ she’s ready to make it on her own. When she left, I decided to get back to the time where I left off, to start picking up the pieces and pursue my dreams once again. I always wanted to become a Music Producer here in Australia. Last time I attended school was in an expensive University where classes were held in a classroom. Now, I’ve been accepted into the apprenticeship Program of the Recording Connection Australia. It is an affiliate of the Recording Connection Audio Institute in the US. This Autralia audio school differs remarkable from the University that I used to attend. Holding classes in an actual recording studio for instance is one of the cool offerings this school has. I get to work with an industry professional as well as other professionals in the industry on real projects. This is achieved by the mentor-apprentice approach to teaching. When I signed up I was paired with a professional who does Music Production for a living. He supervises me in everything I do, making sure that I learn from everything I do. The result is astonishing, I wish I could gather the right words to describe how I feel. The Recording Connection is just amazing!

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21 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment