Motivated by mentoring

I heard the honking of the car horns outside so I hurried picked up my travelling bag and ran downstairs. My mom was at the foot of the stairs and looking at me with a smile on her lips. I hugged her, kissed her and said goodbye then ran outside to my friends waiting in the car. We all waved goodbye to my mom as we set off the road again. I felt so excited happy. We are going to visit one of our friends in Los Angeles and explore the possibilities about us going attend the music school as well. He is currently attending the Recording Connection and taking up audio engineering. It is quite a very exiting thought and a very tempting one because I also wanted to take up music production. Actually, all 5 of us also share the same passion since we all belonged to the same group. We became close since we started practicing as a band in the mini concert that we did about 2 years ago at school during the foundation day. Now that we have finished high school already, we just graduated yesterday; we were all set to pursue our dreams. The friend that we are going to visit has graduated a year ahead of us and he told us how wonderful and exciting Recording Connection is. He particularly mentioned the mentoring method started out by Jimi Petulla, the founder. We all planned this trip a month ago and now, we’re on our way. I can’t wait!

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3 February 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment