Many Different Styles Of Salsa Dance

A lot of people think about Salsa dancing as a general term, that there is only one style of Salsa dance. However, there are many styles, with different variations, all of which create a unique twist on this exotic dance. Although the majority of the styles do, some of the styles do not even require the use of a partner. These less known styles are Salsa suelta; a line dance form, and Rueda de Casino; a round dance form. There are forms of Salsa that do not require a partner, however the widely popular forms of the dance do require partners. Consider taking Toronto Salsa Classes for the opportunity to learn not only the basic dance moves, but the different styles of Salsa dancing.

The different styles of Salsa dancing include Colombian/Cali Style, Cuban Casino Style, Miami-Style Casino, Los Angeles Style, and New York Style. Toronto Salsa Classes are offered and teach several of these different styles of Salsa. Each style has it’s own unique spin on Salsa, however each style have fun, upbeat moves. Miami-Style Casino fuses together American culture with LA style, while Colombian/Cali style uses footwork that is quick. Rapid steps and skipping motions are signature steps for the Colombian/Cali version of Salsa dancing. Los Angeles style is influenced by Mambo, Argentina Tango, Swing, and Latin Ballroom dancing styles. Many of the lifts and stunt dance moves derive from the Los Angeles dance style. No matter the style of Salsa dancing all variations bring an interesting twist on the dance and offer great entertainment!

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18 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment