Live Sound Speakers for Different Needs

When searching for a set of speakers, it is important to know which type a person or group needs. A set of home theatre surround sound speakers with a sub-woofer will not produce the desired sound for a rock concert. Live sound can include music performances, speeches, church services, and any event with a DJ. Sometimes only one inexpensive speaker is needed, while at other times dozens of high-priced devices prove essential.

Many performers prefer to have speakers directing the sound toward them as well as the audience. When a singer is on stage, behind a speaker, he or she needs to hear his or her own sound in real time. This helps the singer stay on track with the song. Since timing is very important, hearing the sound bounced back from the audience or surfaces in the room cause the timing to slow. Depending on the acoustics of the performance hall, even middle and high school music groups benefit from Live Sound Speakers.

Speakers are sold in various shapes and sizes. Styles that stand alone on the floor or mount on the wall or ceiling are available, as well as those which contain drivers for different frequencies. High, mid, and low frequencies may be addressed in one speaker. It seems that speaker manufacturers have thought of everything since even weatherproof styles are on the market. Outdoor venues often have acoustical challenge since there are typically no walls to bounce sound back toward the audience. An entirely different configuration may be necessary in this situation.

Small areas, such as church sanctuaries that hold only thirty people typically do not need high sound volume. There, smaller and fewer speakers will suffice. The audio technician may recommend some ceiling or wall-mounted devices based on the acoustics of the room.

Large venues, such as arenas like to utilize high quality speaker line arrays, which consist of more than one powerful speaker connected and mounted together. Loud, powerful sound in a huge area reaches each audience member better and with a richer quality, when the proper speaker system is utilized. Many musicians and other travelling groups prefer to transport their own equipment. Technicians often place numerous speakers around and above the stage for optimal transmission to the audience.

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29 November 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment