Let’s talk about drummer Vinnie Colaiuta

 Vinnie is one of my personal favorite drummers out there today.   if you are not familiar with his playing, you need to go check it out. One of the most influential drummers of all time, then he took the world by storm in the late 1970s with his work with the late, great Frank Zappa and has never looked back.  he is considered the standard in drum set coordination.

Born and raised in Brownsville, Pennsylvania, then he began drum lessons at the age of 14. While enrolling in drum corps,  He started to work with local bands until he finished high school. In 1974 he attended the Berklee College of music where he began studying with Gary Chaffee.   he stated Berkeley for 2 years, during which time he hooked up with Al Cooper and toward and recorded with him. In 1978 when he left Boston for Los Angeles where he started to play with Tom Fowler. Tom informed him that Frank Zappa was auditioning for a new drummer, and from there then he began his two-year music relationship with Frank Zappa. During this time, then he recorded the now classic “Joe’s garage, shut up and play your guitar, and Tinseltown rebellion.”  These were classic examples of his advanced drumming techniques

 in 1981 when he left Zappa and, with recommendations from a friend, began his illustrious studio career that involve playing with Joni Mitchell, pages, Gino Vanelli, Tom Scott, chick Korea, Bill Evans, as well as countless TV contracts and movie scores.   in 1990 when he left  los Angeles  to edition for staying in London England. He recorded and toured with staying for the next 8 years. The rest is history!  even when he’s playing a simple back beat  you can always tell  it is Vinny!

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12 July 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment