Jimi Petulla Films: America and Western World Revealed

From the moment my wits gave the idea about what America or the Western world was, I have always been amazed at how rich and powerful their country is. I grew up in an Asian family and learning about the Western world in school, I realized that we are somehow interconnected with each other particularly during the earlier times when colonization was rampant. Actually, until today I can see the influence that the Western world has on our culture and values. I realized that from the way I dress to the principles I believed in has been partly influenced by the Western world. One time, a friend invited me to watch one of Jimi Petulla films that really caught my attention. The Fall of America and The Western World seemed to be intriguing just basing on its title. I’ve always looked up to the people in the Western world especially at how they managed their government system and commerce. Actually, I often found myself envying about their lifestyle. But the film I mentioned changed my perception about America and The Western world. I could just call it a constructive change especially because I appreciate my culture and race even more.  This is one of Jimi Petulla films that I will surely recommend to my friends because aside from the valuable lessons you can learn, it will also give us an idea on how to deal with life’s struggle and somehow help in positive societal change. Actually, it can be a good film to educating young adults about economy, culture and government.

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29 July 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment