Interesting facts about Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee is the fruit of coffee shrub mainly found in Arabia. It is superior form of coffee in Arabia. It is assumed that coffee possesses high rate of caffeine but Arabica coffee beans have less caffeine as compared to other coffee beans and moreover it has better aroma and flavor. The coffee made from Arabica coffee beans is usually termed as mountain coffee because plant is grown around two thousand feet above sea level.Arabica coffee dominates the world market, as it is most consumed in the whole world and it possesses four to five times of anti oxidants as compared to other beans and it has more amount of fiber.Arabica coffee is grown all around the globe mainly in India, united states of America ( majorly Latin America) , Africa(majorly east and central Africa) and in some of the parts of Brazil where it is called conillon.this Is best available coffee around the globe.

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15 May 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment