I am only comfortable with titles when searching for books

I have always been the kind of person whom when I decide that I am reading a book, the only thing that I will keep in mind and not forget is the title. This has helped me in one way or the other because I have not been reading books twice simply because I could not recall the title or maybe have it given out and forget the person that has it because the title is the only thing that lingers in my mind all through. I have also managed to have some of the major books sold out as second hand books because I have read them more than enough times, and I understand perfectly well that it is not good to keep information that you know to yourself. You will need to have the information shared with other people, and selling my books has never really been that much of a problem. For my friends, looking for a book title has always been the highlight of all the arguments that we have in a day, because them they prefer having to search for a book by isbn which to them is easier to use and faster than when one is using titles. I have always argued the other way round, because this is what I have been used to, and I have also been advised that this is the case for many people, looking for books calls for isbn. Because I am used to titles and they have never really been that much of a problem, I will agree to give them their space if they agree to give me my space as well. At the end of the day, so long as the books have been located, the method that has been used does not matter that much.

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5 July 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment