How To Spot Good Cartoon Artists From The Rest

Before you hire a caricature artist, make sure your guests understand the whole concept. There are some rare occasions when a client got angry because he felt insulted by the drawing of the cartoonist. The caricature is supposed to exaggerate your features so people will readily recognize you even with your ‘cartoonish’ representation. While the client might feel insulted because the artist mocked his large nose, the artist views it differently: it’s actually commending his nose as his most distinguishable characteristic. What’s the motivation of the artist to make fun of him when he doesn’t know him in the first place? Even your friends who might laugh at the drawing are not mocking you, but they are acknowledging that very prominent feature of yours that makes you who you are.

Besides, if you are sensitive about your nose because of constant ribbing, maybe you shouldn’t sit down with the artist to have your face sketched. When all is said and done, a caricature session will bring together your guests like no other. You can even ask the artist to teach a few basics so your guests will learn a thing or two about the art of cartoon drawing. No photographer can beat the experience they will have with a cartoon artist. If all goes well, your event is going to be a very memorable night and as an added bonus, your guests will bring home keepsakes a picture of what would theirs faces be like in cartoons. Cartoon artists can bring the life out of any object.

Making a caricature drawing entails a great deal of careful examination of the thing or person you wish to draw. It has to have that degree of exaggeration yet it must remain recognizable. Otherwise, what you have done is but a complete disaster. The drawing does not only pertain to physical characteristics that are readily seen by the eye but it also refers to the emotions that go with it. This is what makes caricature unique. There are certain techniques that a good caricature artist has. Here are some:

A good caricaturist knows how limit the details. Placing too many intricate detailing tends to take away the impact that the most important elements have. Thus, one needs to pick only two to three details to place in the drawing to make the subject better represented. There should be certain elements that are emphasized in the drawing. The most common of these are the nose and chin as these two are more distinctive and are open to extreme modification. The next favorites are the eyes and the ears. In terms of emotions, what are most captured by the caricaturists are anger and happiness as they can be easily recreated through a few strokes of the brush. The trick is to carefully take a look at the subject in order to get the essence of that subject. It is best to sketch the entire subject. While there are some who only take the head for their drawing, sketching the entire body could totally make the difference. This way, the clothing, mannerisms and other personal attributes are captured. Still, what one should do is to make the headway bigger than the rest of the body.

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29 September 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment