How to reduce water losses in our everyday lives

We waste a lot of water every day. It is a fact and we cannot deny it. The real problem now is that how we can avoid water loss. It is not an issue that we waste water in fact the issue is to solve it. If you and me and we all sit down and start discussing over the issue, we will just be blaming one another.

So what we need to do?

There are a few simple things that we all can do to save our water reservoirs.

First, go get a rainwater tank and install it in your home if you don’t have already one. If you don’t like those large sized odd looking water tanks, I suggest buying a slimline water tank. slimline water tanks are small sized water tanks that are made for home users. slimline tanks never ever odd or weird when installed in your home, so get one today.

Once you have the tank, connect it to the rain gutter so that rain water gathers in the tank. Then all you have to do is start using rain water as much as you can. Minimize the usage of water from the mains. This is one best way to avoid water loss.

Second, do not waste water. We waste water in several ways. Unfortunately, most of the times we do it unintentionally and this is more dangerous than anything else. Leaked pipes, poor faucets, keeping the tap open when taking baths or brushing teeth, using toilet as dustbin and throwing stuff in it, all these are different ways in which we waste gallons of fresh water every single day.

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28 August 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment