How to Look at the Photo

In a rushed world, all in a hurry, we are almost always short of time. Besides our professional field, often as a protection to the information overload, but not before things or events those draw our attention obviously. If the first impression is not strong, let us carry on the daily rush.

And when we look at a photo, first impression is very important! Whether is, Italian landscape photos or portrait shots, all the photos transmitted something. We must recognize, first impression is one that arouses our interest and insisted us to gaze upon an image, to explore the reasons why that photo we attract them to deciphering the message. Perceive an emotion? What is that? As a picture is better, the more emotion we want to inspire the author is evident and the feeling that resonates in the viewer is more involved.

Any photo able to arouse strong emotion, is more likely to be a good photo, even if he can bring some criticism in terms of technical achievement.

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11 August 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment