How Function Bands In Manchester Can Help Your Party, Wedding Or Event Get Into The Swing Of Things

Planning an event takes a whole lot of work.  Firstly, you need to find the right venue, be that a marquee, a function room or a church hall.  You also need to consider the catering for your guests and you hence have to make sure you have sufficient space to accommodate both the guests and the catering.  Organising the catering can also be quite hard.  Some venues offer catering on site, but most of the time you will need to organise this yourself.  Once you have this in place, you need to think about the entertainment.  Hiring function bands in manchester is a great place to start, since live entertainment will almost always go down well.

Live Entertainment

It is always best to hire a function band, because these are able to cater to a variety of different tastes.  Generally, when you organise a party, you will find that there are people of all ages in attendance and a function band is able to cater to all of their needs.  Function bands have a huge range of songs and styles in their repertoire, thereby ensuring that everybody will be entertained.

Other Entertainment

You may also want to consider hiring a table magician.  Because there will be a point when you want all your guests to be seated, for instance when they are eating, it is important to make sure they are entertained at this point too.  You can also put some great party gifts on the table, such as bubble wands and party poppers, which will get everybody involved and engaged in fun and conversation.  You could even put a few little puzzles or games on the tables.

The Decoration

You must also decorate your venue and photographs are a great way to do that, not in the least because they make great conversation starters.  You could also turn it into a game, asking the function band to play a song from a specific year and asking your guests to identify which picture goes with that year.  Make sure you have a few prizes to give away to the table with the best answer.

There are many other things you can do to make your event a success that can involve the function band.  For the children, you could ask the band to play a couple of songs for a game of musical statues.  Best of all, as long as you have a function band there, you can use their microphone to make any necessary announcements.

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5 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment