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One aspect of getting married that many people forget about during the process of planning the event is the fact that it should be fun and memorable and not a stressful experience. Although it is almost impossible to eliminate all of the stress that might come about when planning a wedding and going through it, there are still some things to remember which can make the experience quite fun for the guests and the wedding couple. One great option is to go into the event with a different type of clothing that isn’t just formal wear.

Often in a couple has decided to get married in a far off place and has hired a San Francisco destination wedding photographer, one of the best things to do is to have everyone show up in clothing that might be appropriate for the location instead of for a wedding. For example if a couple gets married on the beach, they will often want to have everyone show up in some nice khaki shorts and white or light colored shirts to enhance the beach feeling of the event and to make everyone feel relaxed right there on a fun vacation.

And regarding the photographs, being able to look truly happy and relaxed in photographs during a wedding is an amazing way to remember the event because all of the stress that goes into planning the event will be forgotten if everyone looks great and relaxed in photographs. Although eliminating stress isn’t always the easiest thing to do it is a nice goal.

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5 July 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment