Consumers are now downsizing their military toy collections, but not in amount, but in size. Size beingthe scale of the item itself. Most Americans no longer have huge homes to accommodate large scalecollections, but now have smaller homes requiring smaller scale items in the 1:32, 1:72, and 1:144 scalerange. It has been noted that the price of the smaller scale items have exceeded the larger 1:6, 1:16,and 1:18 scale items in price over the past year. This seems to follow the old saying, “pay more, butget less”. You can find more Military Toy Reviews on this subject at your local book and magazine outlet.Mainly your modeling magazines and books on military toy collectables for this century. Other goodsources of information on this subject can be found on the local internet, just make sure of your source.When using the internet, source integrity becomes a very important concern.

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11 September 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment