Development in Agriculture with Drone Photography

Unmanned aircraft eventually find increasing purposes in agriculture. Japan is the innovative developer of drones for this reason, currently checking tracts in tough areas not suitable for machines. Drone- mounted cameras photo the fields and can assist the farmers review nitrogen levels and keep an eye on the growth of the plants. Drone photography is also discovering increasing uses in monitoring animals patterns. Specifically helpful where large leaves obscures vision, cameras installed with heat- sensing gadgets can help in determining nesting places of endangered orangutans in the Borneo jungles. Elephants and rhinos in Africa are also under severe population tension by criminal poachers. These places are harmful for government rangers to enter, so the use of camera- toting unmanned aircraft is helping to evaluate the spots of herds and the movement of these gangs, allowing countermeasures to be more effectively taken. Interior and exterior photographs for advertising taken by Aerial photographer Charlotte.

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25 April 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment