Choosing Gold Cutlery Will Allow You to Dine with Family and Friends in Elegance and Style

Many people have never experienced eating a meal with gold cutlery sets, and they wonder if it feels different to eating with stainless steel. It was once common to only see people of high prestige dine with gold or silver cutlery. This was due to the fact that these types of fine utensils could only be used by the wealthier members of society. The commoners were regulated to eating from cutlery of cheaper quality. Gold cutlery has a status that cannot be compared to cutlery made from other metals. Silver and gold cutleries are two of the few types of cutlery that are preserved and passed down from older family members to younger family members. Even with more advancements being made in the cutlery industry, gold cutlery will always remain one of the finer types of flatware.

It may be hard for most people to believe, but if you look carefully enough, you can find gold cutlery that is available for sale today that was around in the 18th century. These are true antiquated pieces, but their value remains high. If you would like to purchase a few of these cutlery pieces, there are a few things that you should do first.

Choose the Age You Want

Cutlery typically follows the same rules as other unique and older items of value. The older the cutlery is, the more expensive it will be. Gold cutlery that was manufactured in the 18th century will be a lot more expensive than gold cutlery that was created in the 20th century. You will also need to be aware of the fact that the older the cutlery is the fewer design options that will be available. This is important to remember especially if you are looking for a particular design.

Choose the Pattern You Want

Gold cutlery does not share all of the same patterns as other types of flatware. So, if you see a pattern that piques your interest in stainless steel, you will need to make sure the same pattern is available in gold.

Figure Out the Number of Settings You Need

How many friends and family members do you plan to entertain? Your answer will determine how many pieces of gold cutlery you will need. Even if you only plan to serve the immediate members of your family, you can add a few extra pieces such as serving spoons.

Gold cutlery is no longer limited to only the wealthy. You can invest in some quality pieces and truly transform your dining experience.



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28 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment