Audio Engineering Schools in London U.K – Benefiting from On the Job Training

Being in the music industry for many years, I have realized that not all musicians have the chance of showing their talents through albums and music videos even though they deserve it. Our society today is based on connections and if you have a lot, your chances of fame are huge. So I had this idea to build a studio of my own, not for famous artists but for budding musicians who want to preserve their songs in digital format. Being a graduate of one of the Audio Engineering Schools in London U.K, I was confident that my skills would help a lot of people. I could also be an instrument for some budding artists to be famous. So far, I have helped about 11 bands to record some songs of their own and release it in independent efforts. Their album sales may not be as big, but I am proud to say that it exceeded our expectations. UK Recording Connection Audio Institute really helped me a lot in obtaining a very rewarding career in life. I believe that being an audio engineer is something that most people would bypass, but its significance in the entertainment industry weighs more than meets the eye. Without dedicated people working behind the music, artists wouldn’t be able to have a quality-produced sound. I am proud to say that I am one of those few people who contribute in the diversity of the music industry and help other artists to reach their dreams one step at a time.

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2 December 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment