Audio Engineering School Melbourne: A Place Near Home

Most often, when people graduate and leave their high school lives behind, they also leave their homes in order to obtain a higher education. They have to say goodbye to everything familiar and have to live in a place where they have to start anew. But why do that when you can go to school and be home at the same time? There is a great audio engineering school Melbourne that can help you achieve your dream of becoming an audio engineer near your home. You no longer have to spend money on a new place and most of all you don’t have to leave your current job. I was ready to leave town with a heavy heart when I graduated from high school. I dreamed of being an audio engineer, working on sounds that would come out in movies or music tracks. But as much as I love my dream, I also love my family and my home and I didn’t want to leave. I found an answer to my problem in Recording Connection. The school can put you in a studio where you will be trained by an expert and that studio could be anywhere you want it. Luckily, I was living in a place where music is always alive and it was not hard for them to find a studio for me. I only have to drive half an hour and nearing the end of my training and though I know I will someday leave home to achieve greater success, I am happy to say that I am having the best education while I am extending my time with my family.

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8 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment