Alternative Music – My Granpa’s Choice of Music

My grandpa was born in the 50s but I’m amazed that he prefers alternative music more than heavy metal. Most of the old people I know are fan of heavy metal and rock music which led me to the thought that my grandpa is a fan as well. And because he knows that I love alternative music as well, he always gives me money to buy the latest album of my favorite bands. Sometimes I buy 2 copies because I want to give my grandfather his own copy. During my free time, I visit him in the ancestral house and play chess or scrabble with him while the alternative music is on the background. He always tells me how glad he is that he got a grandchild who shares the same interest with him. I told grandpa that I am happy as well because of the many things I learned from him about alternative music. I must say that I am always favored by my grandfather and because of this, I always get his support. Just recently, my parents told me to stop my plans of studying audio engineering at the Recording Connection of UK. They wanted me to enroll in another institution. I insisted what I want and told my grandpa about it. He talked to my parents and advised them not to contradict because such can affect my interest to pursue sound engineering. My dad eventually agreed with my choice of institution. I couldn’t thank grandpa enough for trusting my choices.  

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27 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment