Aking ‘why hire a photographer’ is somewhat offensive!

Asking the question why hire a photographer is something akin to wonderng aloud where the value comes from in teaching or art or having a tour guide. IT sort of minimizes the very usefulness of artistic expression in general, and to be quite honest is a bit insulting not only to photographers but to painters and sculptors and any other creative type. Rather than asking where the value most generally is with photography, you should be considering what having high quality photos can do to add value to your life. For many businesses this is readily apparent, with good advertising photography animportant cornerstone of the business advertising model to engage and eventually convert potential customers into actual clients. Even for private parties, though, working with a vacation photographer can be a great way to add value to your personal trips and experiences. Looking back through your own trip photography, are you ever struck by how many of the photos you have just fail somehow to capture the majesty of the experience you were having at the time? This is largely because you are less familiar with your photography equipment than you should be, but can be easily remedied. Most personal vacation photographers are happy to offer some pointers to you during their shooting session, whether on how to utilize lighting most effectively or on how to manage the settings of your camera. This is just one piece of the value that working with a photographer can contribute to your experiences. So, click here for more information or to get in touch with a personal vacation photographer today to discuss what your photography needs might involve. 

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23 May 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment