After awareness and self trust

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 in our last blog post we talked about the 1st step, which is trusting yourself. After that awareness and self trust completions and perseverance. These are valuable keys necessary to reach one’s goals on the drums. But what our goals? Each of us has our own goals that are as individual as each person. Your goal could be as specific as a definite career achievement, or just a desire to improve yourself each day. Define your goals,  both short and long term, will help you set your course.

Patience is so necessary. As individuals, we work and grow quite differently. Each of our lives begins entirely unique. You can’t set your pace according to someone else’s. You can judge yourself or your ability by comparing yourself to someone else. You must work with what you have, and with that understanding acceptance comes patients. When you work a little bit every day or a lot, work in spurts and then rest ( accomplishing milestones and then taking time to digest it, so to speak),  is crucial for you to learn, know, and understand your own pace and patiently allow. Perseverance is an important and necessary ingredient. Without it we stop;  stop learning, stop growing. We all have potential, but to reach that potential we must keep learning and keep growing our entire lives.

Thanks for checking out these free drum lessons.  Be sure to stay with us each week for more virtual drum lessons!

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5 August 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment