A Strategy Board Game Boosts Thinking Abilities and Cognitive Skills

A <strong>strategy board game</strong> involves a lot of thinking abilities and cognitive skills for a player to win. The players need to decide their next move and analyze and anticipate the next step of the opponent simultaneously. They also need to guess the result of the several moves in the near future. The importance of analyzing and planning and utilizing the present and the past situation to anticipate the results waiting in the near future also helps a candidate in practical life. Numerous board games require strategizing and planning. However, the gaming industry is mostly dominated by the video games, which are enjoyed by the adults and the children alike. However, the classic board games such as chess or checkers are the best options to develop thinking abilities, and cognitive skills. Playing <strong>strategy board game</strong> from an early age also helps the children to develop logic. Moreover, these games also enhance the interaction between family and friends, while the video games fail to offer any such benefits

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24 July 2012 | Media Arts Entertainment