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Chocolates: Reasons You Should Consider Giving Them Someone Special

Chocolates are traditional gift ideas that are always warmly received by almost everyone. They are special and very versatile. Whatever the age and sex of the receiver is, he/she will surely love to have this type of gift on his/her table. This gift can be given to someone on his/her birthday. It can also be [...]

17 April 2012 | Uncategorized

Thoughts On “Harvey Golub: My Response To Buffett And Obama”

Of course you have the typical hand-fed general view of US politics vis a vis ME and I don’t fault you that. Many people and organizations have colluded to feed you half-truths and fabrications. That George Bush invaded Iraq solely for his papa’s revenge is one of the most ignoble ruses of the leftists. Bush [...]

11 April 2012 | Uncategorized