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Learn About What Bandit Rather Be Is

Have you listened to Bandit Rather Be? Maybe you might think what in the world that is. Well, it is not a movie or a soup opera. It is a new house song that you can listen on the radio. It’s been a great hit in some States in the United States and other countries. [...]

31 August 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

Married With Children (DVD) Review

Premiering in April 1987, Married With Children became a staple of the growing Fox Network’s original prime time programming, paving the way for further original creations such as The Simpsons. The total opposite of what a TV family should be, the original working title for the show was Not The Cosbys (a reference to the [...]

30 August 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

I heard about that on Facebook!

As you discuss business with colleagues, old times with former high school chaps and buds, health issues and funny pics and more with family and friends, how many times do you hear references to Facebook nowadays? Seriously, even on commercials you see Facebook icons and Likes all over the place. It’s chronic. So why not [...]

28 August 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

People Just Love Music

People love music. No matter what culture you visit, or what country you visit on the planet people have their music. It is interesting to see how the music that people have reflects them. It reflects the values it reflects their hopes it reflects their dreams for the future. Some of the reasons why the [...]

28 August 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

The Waltons (Season 2) DVD Review

Recipient of 15 Golden Globe and 25 Emmy nominations, The Waltons enjoyed nine seasons of high ratings and widespread critical acclaim. Premiering in Fall 1972 on CBS, the drama series catalogued the life and times of a close-knit country family during the depths of the Great Depression. Supposedly, the series is based on the real [...]

27 August 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

Learning to Play an Instrument Requires Work

When a person sits down and they see a band play music, where they see a group of people perform they might think to themselves that they would love to be able to play music like that. This is exactly the way that a lot of people feel when they hear such high-energy songs such [...]

27 August 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

Online Guitar Training Tutorials

Guitar playing is one of the most common hobbies many people of all ages love. More and more people especially the young ones are becoming interested to learn guitar playing too. Guitar playing is a good hobby. According to health experts it is something that can have positive health effects as well. If you are [...]

24 August 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

Maternity Photography Services

Darby Ullyatt does her maternity photography Colorado studio or in a location she has scouted. Should you have a location in mind, she can look at that for you as well. It is important for her to know the location beforehand so she would have an idea on how the set up would be and [...]

22 August 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

Online Electric Guitar Lessons

Learning to play guitar online is arguably the most effective guitar teaching method ever. The only thing missing is a live person in front of you during your lessons, and for some people the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. A real live guitar teacher exuding coolness and dexterity can be handy, but technology has most of [...]

18 August 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

Getting a Great Promotional Video Filmed

As the manager of a company, you are responsible with making sure that everything is perfectly running inside and that all the efforts are being put together in order for the company to work. The marketing strategy is your responsibility, which is the reason why you are recommended to direct your attention towards the newest [...]

15 August 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment