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How To Write A Good Poem

Chris O. Cook, author of \”To Lose & to Pretend,\” addresses some of the biggest mistakes commonly made by beginner poets via a handy mnemonic device. Take a look at this video and learn more.

31 March 2014 | Uncategorized

Arts and Humanities

Students of the Arts and Humanities explore the many forms of human expression. They ask universal questions and seek global answers. Take a look at this video and learn more.

31 March 2014 | Uncategorized

Exposure From Record Labels Is Necessary

Both record labels, and music artist have a joint interest in seeing to it that record label marketing is working at its best. A record labels survival depends on their ability to market their artist. If they cannot market their artist, no one is going to listen to their music, and so at the end of the [...]

26 March 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

craft beer calm my nerves down

craft beer always make my day. Whenever I am feeling a little bit of stressed and anxious, having a craft beer has the capability to calm my nerves down and get me to relax. I can still recall the day that I came home from work sometime around midnight. I was so exhausted and stressed [...]

24 March 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

My plan

Have you ever been to Bali? I am planning on going there this year and I know that I will have a great time. However, there are some things that I should take into serious consideration, like the place where I would stay. When it comes to food, I have no worries at all. I [...]

22 March 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

Important events

Organizing a party or some other important event, like a conference, can be a really tiresome experience if you don't hire professional help. For example, when it comes to the food that you want your guests to have, it's definitely better if you contact a catering company and ask it to take care of the [...]

13 March 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

Find a Great Dark Horse Remix

Do you simply love Katy Perry and you really like her latest release, the Dark Horse? Have you heard that there is a great remix of this song and you want to listen to it? You should know that you are going to easily find the popular dark Horse remix by directing your attention towards this link. [...]

13 March 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

Take your vacation photography up a notch.

Looking to take your vacation photography up a level, to look more like the professional photos you always seem to see friends posting on their facebook and twitter account feeds? If so, consider hiring a professional photographer for your next international vacation. Though it may seem a bit extreme for the average vacationer, taking your trip with [...]

7 March 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment

Stephen Lioy is a highly recommended vacation photographer.

Trying to find a vacation photographer with both contextual knowledge of the city you want to visit and who can accurately plan out a budget to give you a decent idea of how much you can expect to spend in town can be quite difficult. After all, it takes a certain facility for communication before such a [...]

2 March 2014 | Media Arts Entertainment