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Creating music

I wasn't feeling very good yesterday, so I went to my manager's office to ask him if I could go home early. He agreed, so I headed home. When I got back home, I lay down on the bed and tried to relax watching TV. I came across an interesting TV program about Music Production [...]

29 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

Playing an Instrument

My daughter wanted to start playing an instrument, but I told her that we really did not have the money to buy her one. She had already told me that she wanted to play the cello, so I told her that we need to look into making a handmade cello. She was not very excited [...]

28 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

NYC Corporate Catering Group Helps to Throw a Last Minute Party

My secretary threw a great office party this past weekend! She didn’t get a lot of notice about the event, and yet she still managed to get everything together. When I asked her how she did it, she told me about the catering for business company that she used. She said that this corporate catering [...]

27 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

Alternative Music – My Granpa’s Choice of Music

My grandpa was born in the 50s but I’m amazed that he prefers alternative music more than heavy metal. Most of the old people I know are fan of heavy metal and rock music which led me to the thought that my grandpa is a fan as well. And because he knows that I love [...]

27 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

They Provide Excellent Service

Floral arrangements are something that I love to send to my family members to let them know that I am thinking of them on special occasions. I always go to the same Miami FL Florist and I love their work. They also provide excellent customer service which is so important to me. They are always [...]

27 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

Fishing for Crabs

My husband and his buddies went out today and went fishing for Maryland blue crabs. I am pretty excited about cooking them up and eating them. I really love to cook, and when I have any kind of fresh seafood, I get pretty excited about it. I am going to try a new recipe that [...]

26 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

I was able to learn how to paint

I have always wanted to learn how to paint, however I thought that I was simply too old to learn how to do something new. For Christmas, my husband gave me painting and wine classes because he thought that it would be a casual way for me to learn how to do something I always [...]

26 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

I might have found what I was looking for

I was looking on the Internet for an auction fundraiser to participate in. Where I could sell my handmade goods and donate part of the proceeds to a local charity or even donate goods to the charity for them to sell and receive 100% of the profits. I think this website that I found might [...]

25 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

All the Entertainment New You Can Handle

Of all the entertainment news that one can find on the internet, Entertainment Tonight online has all the news and information to satisfy the cravings of the biggest entertainment buff. Although the internet is flooded with entertainment news online, Entertainment Tonight online is one of the few online entertainment websites to offer the biggest stories [...]

25 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

We Are Going To Attend Art Classes Denver

My friend and I are going to attend art classes Denver. We both work so we were happy to find a place that has classes that will fit our schedules. It will be nice for us to go to a class together so that we can spend some time catching up on everything that has [...]

23 March 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment