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Great Music

My husband and I attended his sisters wedding last weekend, and boy did we have the time of our life. The food was great and the music was hot! The couple hired two south carolina djs to alternate shifts throughout the evening. My husband and I danced for what felt like hours as we reminisced [...]

31 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

How to get New Jersey Wedding Band

New Jersey Wedding Band is very important to all individuals who may want to consider having a band during their weddings.  This band has helped millions of people in many regions in the world.  Therefore you should know that they offer the best entertainment at weddings depending on the kind of music that you may [...]

30 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

An Excellent Source of Entertainment

When I found out that I could easily afford to hire a vancouver magician, I was so relieved. I knew that I needed to find some sort of entertainment for my company party. However, I did not have a lot of money that I could spend. Now, the party is later today. I think that [...]

29 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

Choosing Gold Cutlery Will Allow You to Dine with Family and Friends in Elegance and Style

Many people have never experienced eating a meal with gold cutlery sets, and they wonder if it feels different to eating with stainless steel. It was once common to only see people of high prestige dine with gold or silver cutlery. This was due to the fact that these types of fine utensils could only [...]

28 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

Spending Quality Time With Dad

My dad and I are closer now than we were when I was growing up. He was always away on business trips. To make up for being gone a lot, every year on my birthday, he would hire a magician and go all out with a huge party and presents as a tradition. My dad [...]

28 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

What we are looking at

I have been online all afternoon trying to look for tips on how we can have affordable weddings in florida. I have been wanting more than anything to have an amazing wedding for my daughter and son-in-law to be, but we are on a tight budget. We are pretty crafty so we can make a [...]

27 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

Hire the Right People to Help Make Your Business a Success

Our children are trying to start a new company in the food catering service industry. They received advice from a family friend who runs his own business and says that they should hire a catering consultant to get them started off on the right path. A consultant can help you with menu design, purchasing supplies [...]

26 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

Oh my, what a sensation it is

Have you ever listened to the wind rustle through the trees, closing you mind allowing the feeling of that sound to rush through your body? Oh my, what a sensation it is! Sounds are very important to our everyday life and goings about. People make a lot of decisions in their life that they don’t [...]

26 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

I found a website full of great recipes.

As I was surfing thru the internet looking for some new recipes to serve to my family a pop up ad came on and showed a tasty looking meal. A media production company made that ad look so tempting that I went ahead and clicked on it. That led me to a website that was full of [...]

25 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment

Cap out

I just met with the owner of a local boston private dining restaurant. I wanted to talk to him about how he got started and how to make a restaurant profitable. I know that it is a very tough business to start, but I am okay with that. I have always worked in the restaurant [...]

25 January 2013 | Media Arts Entertainment